Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monkworking: The Monastery

This is one of the most relaxing indoor shedworking structures we've seen on Shedworking. It's for Netlife Research (a 'user-experience consultancy') and is the work of Eriksen Skajaa Architects who were asked to rethink Netlife's offices to create new spaces for reflection and creativity. Their response? "When faced with the challenge of how to create three spaces for silence and the occasional phone call we proposed a Monastery with a monastery garden."

The walls are white pigmented birch veneer and the inner partitioning is based on the remains of existing brick walls. There are various niches dotted around, some to house plants, others big enough to be windows, and one serving as a bench. A lovely space in which to work.

Photos by Ivan Brodey.

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1 comment:

  1. A lovely space in which to work?
    Being inside an empty white space is not my idea of lovely!
    Who are the plants for? - they are all on the outside?
    You can bet that this is one structure which will never be used and will be gone in short order.