Monday, April 25, 2011

Wholewoods Natural Buildings

If you want a garden office based on an ancient English Cruck Frame model, Ethiopian Tukul, Earth Lodge or Round House, then Wholewoods Natural Buildings could be right up your garden path. Here's what they say about their byre design, pictured above:
This is a traditional timber frame building that can be extended to any number of bays. It is held together with wooden pegs and cut from large British oaks. The Summerhouse version is a turf roofed building with doors and windows and whether boarded or wattle and daub walls. There can be a built-in staircase so you can access the roof for sun bathing or growing veg. I hope to see someone keeping chickens on top one day! It truly is a joy to extend your garden and have more indoor space simultaneously.
They also run courses and are keen to get people involved in the building process, including as part of teambuilding events.
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