Friday, April 01, 2011

Exclusive: Ancient Roman garden office uncovered in London

Archaeologists working on the new 2012 Olympics stadium close to London Wall have uncovered what's believed to be the first garden office built in England during the Roman occupation. The first excavation suggests very thick walls and some kind of insulation system and underground heating which makes sense since the Romans are known to have found the English weather quite unpleasant. An examination of the seeds discovered on the stones also appears to indicate the garden office had a green roof which shows that the current vogue for living roofs dates back 2,000 years.

Commenting on the find, Norwegian archaeologist Prila Olof who is leading the dig said: "It's a remarkable discovery which shows that even in the first century A.D. local Roman citizens disliked their commute to the Forum to carry out the work and were already starting to work from their back gardens. We've yet to discover what kind of work was carried out inside the garden office but judging by the number of wax tablets found inside we suspect it was some kind of scribe."

You can read more about a similarly surprising discovery at the Keops Interlock Log Cabins site here, at Shedstore and at the Walton's Facebook page here.
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  1. This is truly amazing and shows again what a debt we 'moderns' owe to the Ancient World. I think that I have seen a programme on the Television about this. I shall have to organise a trip for the Yorkshire Archeological Trust to this unusual site.

  2. Workhub1, temporarily freed11:57 AM

    Admire the white cliffs of Hackney and the sweeping bay of the Lee Valley.

  3. Talk about hitting ROCK BOTTOM...Good job it's not April fools day---WAIT!! what's the date--- Doe