Friday, April 22, 2011

Are garden office price rises inevitable?

Analysts seem to be in agreement that timber prices are set to rise in the very near future with obvious knockon effects for anybody considering buying a garden office." Sterling’s weakness against the euro has pushed up the cost of imports from Baltic sawmills and most north European producers. Faced with increasing sawlog and transport costs, shippers expect prices to increase on a monthly basis for the foreseeable future," says Jerry Wilson in the Timber Trades Journal.

"The rebuilding of Japan is likely to create an increase in demand for timber," says David Whitewood of Oazis Garden Studios. "Combine this with oil prices affecting transport costs, exchange rates, etc, and the price of sheds and garden offices - garden offices also have a large glass component that requires a lot of energy to manufacture - will be going up by 10% or more this summer.

"The moral of the story - even if you are planning a build late summer - is order now to secure pricing. We are working with our supply chain to keep prices down so are not announcing any price increases yet but we will guarantee any prices for delivery up until the end of September if ordered."
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  1. I would be curious to know what proportion of the cost of a shed is the actual lumber, vs labour, overhead and profit; the reason small buildings are so expensive on a per square foot basis is that all of the ancillary costs make up such a huge percentage of the total.

    And the building industry is in the tank, which drives material prices down. Sounds like hype to me.