Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shedworkers wanted for primetime TV comedy show

You and your partner could be the stars of a new Saturday night comedy panel show. The folk at Endemol Television are looking for couples who are very much in love, but have an ongoing lighthearted dispute or silly argument that they would like a comedy panel to solve for them, once and for all - a pilot of this show earlier in the year included Jack Dee, Jo Brand and Sarah Millican. I spoke to the nice lady at Endemol and she is particularly keen to find somebody who who spends all their time in the shed, or devotes all their spare time to doing it up, much to their partner's despair. Couples who are chosen for the show will be paid for their time too so if you are in a relationship and would like to apply, email couples@endemoluk.com for an application or call their hotline on 0333 577 7772.
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