Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tootsie and Fudge: shedworkers

Online children's clothing company Tootsie and Fudge is run from the shed of entrepreneurial sisters Kirsty Baird and Alison Black Storm who are based in Perthshire and Copenhagen respectively. The inspiration for the business came when Ali would send home Scandinavian brands for her niece and nephew in Scotland, which were always greatly admired. Initially, the sisters had reservations about starting a business together while on opposite sides of Europe, however with the shedworkingesque wonders of email, Skype and Basecamp project management system these obstacles were easily overcome. Kirsty deals with all the orders and customer service while Ali deals with the European suppliers, PR and marketing. And of course with the business being online both can update the website with the latest products and offers.
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