Saturday, April 02, 2011

Royal wedding Shedman

John Davies aka Shedman has a whole raft of shedshaped events coming up including some high jinks on the day of the royal wedding as part of the Dorchester Festival which features a shedbased residency in the Abbey grounds. Here's a quick rundown:

- SHED ASSEMBLY DAY (SAD) and Shedwarming, April 28, 2pm-4pm
Watch Shedman assemble his self-assembly shed. And give him a hand. Followed by a short shedwarming and taster poetry session.

- SHED THAT! May 5, 7-9pm
Creative writing workshop for new and experienced writers

- SHED YOUR FEARS! May 7, 10am-5pm May 8, 11am-4pm
A creative workshop exploring the kaleidoscopic meanings of ‘shed’

- SAS DAY May 7 10am-5pm: join the SAS for a day and be part of the Shed Appreciation Society – bring reminiscences, stories, photos, pictures, poems, postcards and anything else connected with sheds to build a shed-load of multi-media experience.
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