Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shedworking in 2015

"I love my commute: I walk 3 metres from my back door into my garden office."
This is how an interesting article on how we'll be working in 2015 starts on Pocket-Lint. Here's a snippet:
I reach out to the cinemascope monitor, which springs into life. It's a single curved unit that presents everything in windows. It fills most of the width of my desk and would be really dominating if it wasn't transparent. The display has its own OS, acting as a bridge between anything you feed in and what you see. I just slide the windows around and bring what I want to the centre, I can zoom, send things right to the peripherals, view what ever I want. It will let me feed in more than one source, so I can be working on different platforms in the same display, which saves a load of time, and I can pull applications off those platforms to work alongside in the display. Last night's Call of Duty: Roman Warfare 2 session is still sitting paused on one side. That'll be a distraction today, for sure.
Worth a browse.
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