Monday, March 08, 2010

Blooming Felt: shedworkers

Essex-based Blooming Felt run by Sarah, a shedwork-at-home mother of two, is a craft supplier specialising in felt. And the business has just started shedworking in an Aarco-built garden office. Here's why Sarah made the move:
I'm soooo excited. I have been working out of the spare room for almost a year now and things are getting quite ridiculous. I'm having to clamber over boxes and move stuff all the time so that I can reach whatever it is that I happen to need. And having two people working in the spare room at the same time just isn't possible. So, the time came to build a purpose-built studio in the garden.
The studio has two mezzanines for storage. More pictures at the Blooming Felt blog.
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