Monday, March 29, 2010

Developer Town: a shedworking approach

Developer Town is a new venture development firm with a remarkable shedworkingesque vision of the best way to work. What they call 'The House Concept' is effectively a garden office in the middle of their office, complete with shingled roof, windows, and its own electrics - they describe it as "our first prototype of an answer to a challenge we’ve been attacking for years: how to create the best working environment for developers? How, we asked, could we create a workspace that grants a developer access to both complete isolation, while allowing instant collaboration? We’d tried all manner of offices and desk arrangements in the past, then thought, why not build everyone their own house? On wheels." Here's a bit more:
As we’ve learned from our prototype house, our first release, working within it does allow one to hunker down and easily tune out the world outside. Total isolation, facilitating concentration and long stretches of focused productivity, is no problem. When the urge to collaborate strikes, you just need to shift your attention out a nearby window or the door, where the rest of the Town awaits. The house comes with ample whiteboard within for internal musings, as well as on the exterior, creating a space to meet, design, and collaborate – especially when coupled with other houses.
The site is well worth a browse to read more on their shedworking thoughts.
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