Monday, March 08, 2010

Candle House roof garden

Candle House in Leeds is a whopping big tower block and, as Andrew Robinson in The Yorkshire Post reports, it has some intriguing shedworking possibilities on its communal roof terrace. Here's what he says:
"While most high-rise apartment blocks are topped by expensive penthouse suites, the developers of Candle House decided to build a decked garden on the 21st floor, complete with tool sheds, herb garden, supplies of seeds, some hardy plants, bean bags and hammocks... The three garden sheds are themed: one for tools and seeds; one for deckchairs and a "book shed" for books and bean bags."
You can see a nice shot of one of the sheds here.
Thanks to Philip 'father' Johnson for the alert
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  1. It would be such a great view from up there. It would be great to spend your summers days sitting in a deck chair looking out at the view, you must be able to see for miles.

  2. I happen to like its design. The candle architecture is quite symbolic and very impressive.