Wednesday, March 03, 2010

rotatED: rotational shedworking/playing

One of Shedworking's favourite tree-based shed specialists Blue Forest has come up with a marvellous shedworking space called 'rotatED' in collaboration with architects 3D Reid which has seven sides and can turn onto all of them. Building calls it an "innovative and sustainable external learning environment" which aims to provide shedworking and shedplaying space and quotes Graham Edwards, divisional director at 3DReid, saying:
“The concept has been developed in response to feedback from pupils, staff and stakeholders seeking quality outdoor space that promotes healthy living, environmental awareness, social interaction and opportunities for personal development. The simplicity of this creative and flexible design enables pupils and staff to use and personalise the space in various ways to suit their needs. No two ‘rotatED’ will be the same.”
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