Thursday, March 25, 2010

Matt Pyke: shedworker

Matt Pyke runs his - quite astonishing - virtual, multidisciplinary studio Universal Everything from his garden office in Sheffield (his clients include Apple, Audi and Nokia which underlines the fact that you don't need spectacular offices to be a big player). The shed is the hub of an international collective of artists, designers and general allround creative folk.

Below is a video about Matt and his work when he was an atticworker in his preshedworking days.

Via Better Taste Than Sorry
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  1. Hi Alex - posts like this one are so inspiring.

    Small quibble - the video embedded in your blog only shows a portion of the viewing area. Did you know?


  2. Yes, I agree - he's an amazing chap.

    Thanks for pointing out the embed problem. I'll have a fiddle.