Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shed gun factory man found guilty

As reported in The Guardian:
Grant Wilkinson, 34, was convicted at Reading crown court of buying replica MAC-10 submachine guns and converting them into lethal weapons. Police said his operation, carried out from a shed in Berkshire, was one of the largest they had ever discovered. They believe it produced 90 guns, some of which were used by teenagers carrying out murders on London streets... The gun factory was discovered by chance. Wilkinson converted the submachine guns into lethal weapons in two garden sheds behind a derelict property in Three Mile Cross, near Reading. One shed was used as a workshop and the other was sound-proofed as a firing range for testing. Police were called in July 2007 after tenants in a nearby house accidentally came across the sheds.
Not the kind of shedworking we condone. Photo courtesy Thames Valley Police.

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