Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grave shed

Shedworking's literary editor Sarah Salway has been in sunny Grinnell, Iowa, this summer and here is the first in a two-parter of shedlike atmospheres from her trip (the second is tomorrow). "I was very excited to see this tomb in the exact shape of a garden shed," she writes. "But look what I saw when I went round the back. A satellite dish - how weird is that? I keep thinking all sorts of scenarios - the wife moving in when her husband dies and needs some home comforts, a dying wish to finally get through all the back episodes of Sopranos, etc."


  1. that is totally american bizarre isn't it? Maybe it belongs to the David Lynch family.

    I can't believe you aren't bringing us any Spanish sheds!

  2. Anonymous5:11 PM

    In the Philippines where I come from, it is a custom to visit the cemetery a few times each month (we used to do it every Sunday afternoon). There you will see grave structures with bathroom, kitchen and water pump.

  3. I was going to be cremated (like a viking sheddie on a burning shed floating in the river Taff) when I reach the big shed in the sky.

    but I hope my days now end in something like this.

  4. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Quite peculiar, yet funny at the same time...

  5. A little creepy. ;-)