Friday, August 08, 2008

Mens Sheds - the video

We've covered the Australian Men's Sheds project before on Shedworking but no apologies for returning to what is a very worthwhile campaign, and one which is starting to spread to the UK. Here's a video of one getting underway on the SkillsOne site with some detail:
Why does every man need a shed? SkillsOne chats to Tim O'Sullivan, the Forest Community Men's Shed co-ordinator to see just what goes on inside: besides barbeques, practical projects and loads of laughs - the Men's Shed is all about combatting issues of isolation, loneliness and depression amongst retired men. Men can make projects for themselves, or for local community projects - like stairs for a school, or birdhouses. SkillOne chats to some of the men in the Men's Shed and finding out about the projects they're working on.