Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smallest shedworking structure in the world?

I'm afraid my Norwegian is more than a little rusty but it seems that Lisa Renvall from Stockholm has built herself the smallest shedlike office in the world, coming in at just one (count 'em) metre square. It's built into a writing table (I think) and there's a bedroom inside. More details here and if anybody can provide a fuller translation of the details, please do add them into the comments box.
Photos by HÄvard PrestegÄrden.


  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Just a small correction - if she's from Stockholm, then she's probably Swedish? ;)

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Sorry, I was writing too fast - the details come from a Norwegian newspaper (I think) but she is from Sweden (I think).

  3. She's a swedish art student, living in Bergen, Norway. This is part of a student exhibition, she was inspired by her problems finding a place to live in Bergen. Housing prices are insane there...

  4. No prob, great blog btw! (Changed my handle there...)