Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Garden offices: an estate agent's view

An interesting guest post at Into The Garden Room (pictured above) by estate agent Grant Letts, partner at Curchods, offers an expert perspective on the value added to a property by a garden office. Here's a snippet: 

"As home working becomes more established, people are looking to create a better physical and mental separation between their work and home life – making a working space outside of the home appealing. Once people know what their working life will look like on a more permanent basis, we expect to see even more willingness to invest in a quality garden room and pay more for a property featuring one."

The whole thing is well worth a read - click link above - but his main points are:

* he's noticed a definite growth in interest among buyers in recent years in properties with a garden office

* a property with a garden office can sell for considerably more than similar ones in similar locations

* he estimates the added value to be around 1.25 times the cost of the garden room build.

* he says high-end garden room are far better at adding value than conservatories

* the quality and installation of a garden office are key factors in terms of its investment potential 

* garden offices that are too big can put some buyers off 


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