Wednesday, May 11, 2022

How much value does a garden office add to your property?

An interesting article in the Telegraph looks at the potential costs of working from home and what this means for the property market - as the piece points out, research from Savills a couple of months ago indicates that home offices are now top of buyers' 'must have' lists while being close to the workplace is now right down at the bottom.

Although the thrust of the article is that, unsurprisingly, it's expensive to buy a bigger property to get an extra room in which to work, it does also touch on the perennial topic of how much a garden office adds to the value of your property. Commenting in the piece, Edward Heaton from buying agents Heaton & Partners points out that in very basic terms a garden office adds welcome square footage, adding that a decent garden room (insulated, double-glazed, etc) adds around 5-10% to the property's value. It's anecdotal, but this is roughly in line with what we've been told over the last few years, indeed maybe a little on the conservative side.

We also liked the case study at the end of the article in which property consultant John Warner discussed why he had turned to a shepherd's hut to use as a garden office at his home in Alresford, Hampshire where he also has three acres of land. “I use the hut every day and the beauty of it is that it’s easily transportable," he says. "If I get bored of the view, I can use my tractor to relocate it around the field.”

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