Monday, May 09, 2022

The Man in the Shed

Opening tomorrow for a strictly limited run of just four nights is the excellent sounding The Man in the Shed at the Bridge House Theatre in Penge (it's actually on the first floor of the Bridge House Pub). Pictured above is a sneak preview of the set and here's the theatre's information about the production, a "hilarious, timely monologue" performed by Alex Dee:

Meet 'The Man in the Shed' - a man of his (own) time.

Male, pale and stale - he is White Van Man writ large, or, in his words, a top bloke, and although he thinks he is totally right about everything, he is, in fact, completely confused by all around him.

Told through the music of a classic album and our hero’s version of “Facts”, this one-man show is a darkly comic examination of a man left floundering in society’s wake as it moves ever onwards.

Come on a journey into the baffled psyche of one of society’s more bizarre characters.


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