Saturday, May 07, 2022

Commuting issues contribute to working from home eagerness

The horrible experience of commuting is encouraging people to turn to garden offices, shedworking, and working from home in general, according to two new studies.

Nearly half of 500 UK workers surveyed by Citrix said they intend to stay away from 'traditional' offices because of the high cost of transport to and from them, comparable to figures in studies of United States, Australia and France.

"Employees have learned they can engage and be just as productive working from home," said Traci Palmer of Citrix, "and as fuel prices continue to increase, they are questioning whether the benefits of being in the office outweigh the time and money associated with commuting. The key to keeping employees engaged and productive lies in creating work-from-anywhere experiences that are seamless, fuel connection and collaboration, and empower people to do their best work, regardless of their location."

Meanwhile a worldwide study of more than 12,000 employees from Tracking Happiness shows that being able to work remotely is closely linked to happiness at work, raising happiness levels by up to 20%, especially for Millennials, with employee happiness decreasing as commute times increase.. Conversely, returning to office-based work after the pandemic seems to have reduced employee happiness.

Hugo Huijer, founder of Tracking Happiness said: "Our study shows that employees that have the ability to work from home are happier than those that don’t. On top of this finding, we saw a strong negative correlation between commute times and employee happiness.

"In that sense, companies can improve employee happiness by simply allowing them to work from home more. Not only does this benefit the environmental footprint of your company, it also helps improve employee morale. On top of that, studies have proven again and again that employee happiness is linked to productivity and job performance.

"Having your employees work from an office might make sense in the short term. But if it results in employee unhappiness, it can result in a drop in sustainability and performance that can be far more severe than an empty office building."

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