Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Felixstowe Ferry sheds

We are big fans of the work of Suffolk-based Clare Curtis and her art hangs on the walls of Shedworking HQ. Here is her latest print which has a strong shedworking theme as she explains:

The hamlet of Felixstowe Ferry is a little cluster of shacks and fishing boats at the mouth of the River Deben which I've know all my life. The boat yard with its fishing huts and associated paraphernalia appeals to me in a similar way as an allotment does and ever since leaving art college I've sketched and found inspiration there. For a long time 'The Ferry' as us locals call it, had a feeling of a past era, a working community of fishermen and boat builders with the occasional bohemian and boat dweller and it never seemed to change. However over the past 10 years there has been a notable change. Shacks pulled down replaced by oversized homes for retirement or holidaying. So last year I decided to spend more time there in a conscious effort to draw more of the place before it altered forever. These two new prints, along with two lithographs I made some years ago, add to my body of work recording 'The Ferry'.

More details and how to buy at the link above. Below, Clare working on the prints.


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