Monday, May 30, 2022

MOKU garden offices

MOKU is an interesting new garden office supplier just about to launch which is very much targeting those who are enjoying the new hybrid working conditions. They are very much walking the walk - so design happens in London, manufacture in Essex, but there is no fixed office address since all meetings take place online. Here's what they say:

We believe the surest way for a leader to recognise the full potential within their team,  while also deriving the greatest value from the workforce, is to create an environment that provides the opportunity and motivation for talent to flourish. Resilient organisations must allow for complete personal adaptability which is often underestimated in a traditional workplace.

There will be lease options as well as the straightforward purchase ones, with a whole range of modular elements to choose from. Worth signing up for more information on the site via the link above if you are thinking of buying.


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