Sunday, January 16, 2022

Garden office sustainability

Sustainability issues are right at the centre of responsible shedworking, whether that's using decently-sourced materials, adding a green roof to the build, or simply not leaving everything switched on all the time. Since Shedworking started more than a decade and a half ago, we've seen a massive increase in interest in these issues from readers and to be fair an equally dedicated response from most suppliers, and certainly the reputable ones you will seen namechecked on this site regularly.

But it's still good to continue to bear these issues in mine and Property Reporter has put together a nice, and short, selection of five issues to consider when going down the garden office path including location, building materials, construction, utilities, and usability. Well worth a read via the link above.

Image courtesy Warwick Buildings


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  1. I learnt about off-grid solar and after a deal of trial and error now have a four-panel array on my garden office roof supplying 12v batteries, and providing enough juice to run the office from about April to November. Winter's lack of light and a few days' heating requirements totally put paid to any small gains, of course!