Sunday, April 11, 2021

The rise of the 'she shed'

An excellent piece in today's Observer on women and sheds in which Nell Gard talks to several sheddies about their builds and how "women are discovering what a life-saver their own private sheds can be". Here's a snippet from writer Charlotte Philby about her garden office:

 “One of the top things on my wishlist was a writing shed. So when I saw this one, I was sold. There are writer’s sheds, and there are outdoor offices posing as writer’s sheds – this is very much the former. It’s replete with a remarkably high population of arachnids. The unintentional aesthetic is very much Beatrix Potter writing shed meets Camden Market stall circa 1994. The beauty of the space is the simplicity of it and being immersed in the garden."


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