Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Police issue garden office security checklist

Secured by Design - the official police security initiative to improve the security of buildings - has put together some advice for both new shedworkers and those who have been working from their garden office for some time. As well as some broad guidelines, the SBD team recommend that any products you install meet the standard PAS 24:2016 requirement. You can see all their suggestions in detail here, but this is a summary:

- Laptops and mobile phone are easily removed and shouldn’t be left in the garden office overnight
- Although it may not be practical to remove printers and computer screens on a daily basis, if you are going on holiday or will be away from the office for an extended period, consider storing them in the house

- Keep valuables out of sight by fitting blinds to the windows and doors and keep them closed when the room isn’t being used
- Security marking your office IT equipment using an SBD recognised forensic asset marking or etching kit is a highly effective and visible deterrent
- If your company provides your IT equipment you may have a policy on home working and the security of the IT equipment – be sure to find out anc check that you have adequate cover under your household insurance for theft
- Make sure that your fencing or hedging is in good condition
- Technology which allows you to monitor your home and property has changed considerably in recent years, including the installation of closed-circuit television

Image courtesy Warwick Buildings 


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