Friday, April 16, 2021

Will rooftop garden offices be the next 2021 trend?

While people without gardens understandably say they're not really in a position to have a garden office, we've actually covered plenty of examples of shedlike working atmospheres on Shedworking over the last 15 years, including a surprising number of rooftop garden offices including the fine one pictured above from Boundary Space at the  top of a London townhouse, a kind of urban meadow (and here are some rather more spectacular examples).

So we were intrigued to hear from John-Paul Manning, managing directgor at Build4Less that their latest research into rooftop garden trends for this year puts a rooftop office in the mix, coming in at a creditable 10th spot, hard on the heels of container gardens, canopies, and decking.

"During lockdown the line between indoor and outdoor space became increasingly blurred as people tried to maximise their use of space and make it feel homey as the spring season sets in," says John-Paul. "Rooftop real estate is often a pretty hot commodity. In most cases there’s a limited amount of space and as a result most rooftop trends focus on ways to use the space as efficiently as possible. We’ve found that people are moving towards making the rooftop as open air as possible. Fences are being replaced with tall garden elements like trees and vertical gardens, and glass has begun to replace wood as paraphets in a way that gives privacy but also keeps the space fresh and open." 


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