Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tips for creating your own garden office

My excellent local paper the Herts Ad asked me for a piece about garden offices as this seemed appropriate for the times we are now living in and you can read it all on their site here. It features suggestions for where to go to if you're thinking of getting one and here's a snippet to entice you in:
A garden office offers a decent solution. Right from the start of the day it offers you the same kind of ceremony as your normal commute (only happily it’s just a 30 second one). This is important as that brief walk down to the end of your garden marks a clear psychological difference between where you work and where you live. You feel like you’ve ‘gone to work’ rather than merely sat up in bed and wedged your laptop onto a pillow. Having an office in the garden also means that you don’t need to cover your kitchen table with papers or turn your dining room or spare room into a makeshift office. Those spaces continue to be used for what they’re intended.
Pictured above, The Cork Studio eco garden office which is made partly from cork and was one of 32 sheds shortlisted in the 2017 Shed of the Year competition. --------------------------------------
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