Thursday, March 26, 2020

Garden office as pub during lockdown

A lovely piece in the FT by writer Andrew Martin about turning his shed into a pub during the coronavirus lockdown. Here's a snippet:
In my garden shed, I have attempted to create the simulacrum of a pub. It’s called, I suppose, The Shed Inn or better still The Lockdown Arms, in acknowledgment of the disaster that has prompted its founding. Let me give a rough, preliminary idea of the place by sketching in a chair (just the one, of course), a longish table bearing an ashtray (it’s an old-fashioned sort of pub) and a few fat candles. On the adjacent wooden wall are two shelves, on which are bottles of beer and white wine — mainly Tesco Picpoul de Pinet, the house white, so to speak, of The Lockdown. There’s also a bottle of rum that, given what happened the last time I drank rum, I hope never to have resort to, no matter how long the crisis endures.
 It's a charming read. --------------------------------------
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