Monday, March 16, 2020

Herald Garden Studio

An attractive multi-use garden office in New Zealand by Parsonson Architects. As well as an office space, it offers the owners - a couple and their two young children - extra play areas as well as mezzanine spare room accommodation. There's also a storage area at the back.
Here's what the architects say about it: "Both the deck, pergola and the main interior space have been conceived as one triangulated structure, stitching together the spaces and reinforcing the interior-exterior connection, while relating to the delicacy of the surrounding vegetation. Materials are unadorned, raw and but carefully assembled. This project is an example of urban infill on a tiny scale, allowing a family to live on a small property close to the city without having to move further afield. The structure and internal linings are made from entirely wood. Linings are zero formaldehyde ‘Strandboard’ finished in natural WOCA oil."
Photographs by Paul McCredie  -------------------------------------------------
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