Saturday, August 10, 2019

Logical Unsanity 24 Hour Book Shed

If you like books and you like sheds (and frankly, who doesn't?) then you'll love the Logical Unsanity 24 Hour Book Shed in Bardon, Australia, run by Yarran L. Jenkins. The always readable book riot has a nice article about the secondhand bookshop that is open daily and offers mostly $1 & $2 books with an honesty box and no books catalogued online. Here's a snippet:
The book shed has developed a following. Jenkins has three guest books that are completely full of comments. When I asked him why the book shed was so important, he said, “It’s definitely become far more important than I ever thought cause it was definitely just another part of my life of handling books,” he says. “I definitely had no idea whether it was even gonna function nor work as it did. It’s becoming this really important place because of the way people use it and the way people access it.”
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