Saturday, August 17, 2019

Garden office treehouse

The idea of a treehouse-based garden office is a pretty appealing one for most people. Treehouse specialists Blue Forest (pictured above and below) obviously feel the same way and they have a new blog post up extolling the virtues of them as "bringing an element of play and limitlessness" to normal office surroundings.

Understandably they emphasise the positive effect of the natural surroundings ("Everyone knows that nature is one of the best stress reducers, so it makes sense that outdoor workspaces are a clever way to bring a feeling of peace to your working day") and its effect on your working patterns ("Spending your working day in a treehouse office in the midst of all that mother nature has to offer will breathe new life into your ideas, allowing you to bring your work to an entirely new level.").

But for the Shedworking staff, this is perhaps an even stronger point, that it provides  a distinct separation of work and home life which is what we've argued for years, and especially in the Shedworking book. Here's what they say:
"Treehouse offices offer not only an intangible separation from work and home life, it also offers a very physical one. The simple act of returning to earth after a day in the trees will help ground you back into your personal life, hopefully allowing you to maintain a better balance between your work and home time."

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