Thursday, August 29, 2019

Multi-functional garden office with wildflower roof

We started writing about sedum/green roofs on Shedworking a decade ago and it's a pleasure to see they are still popular. Not only attractive, they make your garden more eco-friendly (especially for wildlife and bees) and add insulation. This one from eDEN Garden Rooms is in London and is a garden office with a workshop which is also used as a hobby space. Originally intended to be partitioned, it evolved into a single space.

"As our client’s home is a three-storey house, which looks down on the garden from the master bedroom, they decided to create an eye-catching roof feature to improve their view, and promote biodiversity in their garden," explains eDEN's Mia Walmsley. "Based on the core design, this garden room in London didn’t require planning permission as it was built within their Permitted Development Rights. However, due to the wildflower roof, we needed to increase the size of the roof joists and add retaining bars for the turf, which meant that the overall building height eventually needed to be over 2.5m high. This therefore required planning, which was managed from start to finish by us.

eDen use a soil-free system which cuts down on maintenance with a turf made up of more than 40 native wildflowers and grasses making it great for insects.

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