Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Working from home makes people happier and more productive: new report

A new survey from totaljobs indicates that one in four people in the UK would move jobs if they weren’t allowed to work from home, increasing to nearly half of millennial workers.

Totaljobs’ research shows that shedworking and homeworking in general is in the top five most important benefits when looking for a new job, beating enhanced parental leave, travel allowances and learning and development.

One in five workers would pick a job that offered remote working over one that did not when deciding on a new role. Given the choice, two fifths of the UK workforce prefer working from home, a figure that rises to almost half of 18-34-year olds as opposed to a third of over 55s.

Two thirds of bosses polled offer remote working options to their workforce, with a little over a third of these employers saying they do so to help employees manage their work-life balance. Interestingly, a quarter of employers offer the option to work from home in a bid to reduce staff sick leave.

Morevoer, one fifth of employers believe their staff are more productive and happier when working remotely which is backed up by employees, as a similar number of employees believe they’re more productive when working from home. Over a quarter of employees also believe that being allowed to work from home is a show of trust from their boss.

In terms of where to work, only one in ten say that they’re happiest when working in an office environment. Only 4% of workers said they’d prefer to hot desk in their office, and just 2% would choose a co-working space. When asked about working remotely, 22% said there are fewer distractions contributing to their overall sense of improved productivity.

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