Monday, May 28, 2018

Popcats Music Time - Shedworkers

Catherine Williams (pictured) runs her growing Popcats Music Time business for pre-school children from a Rubicon Garden Rooms garden office in Cheshire, recently making the move from an office in her home and third space working in caf├ęs. Here's what she says about her shedworking lifestyle:
“My husband Jon and I wanted an outdoor space that wasn’t a summer house or just a shed. What we’ve got is something that aesthetically looks solid and is maintenance free, plus it's warm and comfortable throughout the year. We went for the black wood fibre composite option as we think it has a more classic look that matches the style of our house. The big thing for me was to have privacy. It’s brilliant - I don’t have to travel and I can walk out of my back door and be in my office whenever I need to."
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