Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Ventstrip: new way to damp-proof your garden office

Mark Baron from Ventstrip has been in touch to mention his new product, a ventilated damp proof course for use on bearing timbers or the base of log cabin. The key selling point is that it allows ventilation at the very base of the building. Here's what Mark says:
The main issue with the longevity of timber buildings has been has been the use of a conventional damp proof course, which whilst preventing rising damp, also causes the base timber to remain damp, due to lack of ventilation. Ventstrip reduces this damp problem, which can otherwise lead to the deterioration of the structure.
Venstrip is made from HDPE with a series of little chopped-off wizard hats sticking up. It is resistant to UV, acid/alkali and does not support bacterial or fungal growth. And it's easy to install - you just cut up the roll of Venstrip to the right length and screw it on to the building's base with the hats touching the timber.
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  1. Great idea....keen to try....where can I buy? 🙂

  2. Via the link in the post.

    1. Lol afraid not....the link goes to the website but the online shop is 'coming soon' 😋

  3. Apologies, you're absolutely right. Best to contact Mark direct probably.