Wednesday, May 23, 2018

1.6 million people work from home

Around 1.6 million employees regularly worked from garden offices and other places in their home last year, according to new analysis from the TUC. The analysis shows that 1 in 16 of the UK workforce worked from home in 2017 – unchanged from the year before, but up from 1 in 20 in 2005.

The report indicates that:

* 4 out of 10 homeworkers are women

*16-19 years olds are least likely to home work (2%) and over 60s most likely (11%).

* The South West has the highest percentage of employees working from home (9%), and Northern Ireland the lowest (2%).

* Agriculture has the biggest share of employees (23%), followed by the information and communication sector, where nearly one in five works from home (18%)

* Managers are most likely to work from home (12%) followed by ‘Associate Professionals’ (9%) such as architects, engineers and designers.

“Lots of people would like to work from home but have not been given the chance by their boss," said TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady. "That’s a shame, because it can benefit employers as well as workers.Homeworking can improve productivity and it can stop the loss of experienced staff when they need more flexibility for family responsibilities. It has wider benefits too, like less traffic and pollution, more accessible work for disabled people, and keeping premises costs down.

“Many bosses already recognise that homeworking can make staff happier and more effective. But other employers need to catch up. Trade unions can help negotiate home working policies that work positively for both employers and staff. The government can help by investing in broadband infrastructure so that every worker can get a high-speed connection at home. And we encourage businesses and public services to include homeworking in job design and recruitment.”
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