Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Urban Botanics - garden office gardening

Research consistently shows that greenery in the workplace - however small that may be - is good for our health. Indeed, many shedworkers are also keen gardeners. But whether you're already pretty experienced with a trug or just wondering what might work in the limited space inside your garden office, Urban Botanics by Emma Sibley (Aurum Press) is well worth a look and certainly worthy of a place on your shed bookshelf.
Essentially it's a lovely plant guide, with atmospheric full page illustrations over its 150 pages by Maaike Koster  (to be honest, it's quite relaxing simply looking at her art work) and very readable text by Emma Sibley, founder of London Terrariums. They have picked 70 different plants including succulents, cacti, flowering and foliage plants so there will be something for whatever size garden office you work in. Among the choices are the Bunny Ears Cactus, Copper Pinwheel, and Swiss Cheese Plant. Each one gets a double page spread with enough relevant information about what it is and how to look after it without vast quantities of text to wade through. Recommended.
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