Monday, July 31, 2017

What colour should you paint your garden office?

A nice piece by Alexandra Campbell at The Middle-Sized Garden about choosing exterior paint colours for your shedlike atmosphere. As well as lots of advice, there are lots of images to help guide you. Here's a snippet:
If you’re thinking of a pale colour, then test it carefully to see how it behaves out of doors. If you’re using a specialist outdoor paint such as Ronseal or Cuprinol, the colours seem to come out fairly close to what you might expect. However if you use exterior or interior versions of paint ranges designed mainly for indoors, I have discovered that the shades look much paler outside under the sky. For example, we previously painted our back gate in Farrow & Ball Hardwick White. This appears to be a mid grey inside but properly white outside.
Pictured is a Garden2Office garden office in Forest Hill, London, with rough sawn black barn cladding --------------------------------------------------------------------
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