Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Philip Pullman's writing shed

Owned by artist Ted Dewan, this shed originally belonging to Phillip Pullman who wrote ‘His Dark Trilogy’ inside it, theb handed it on to Ted. There is a covenant associated with this shed - when he no longer needs it, the shed must be passed on freely to the next steward for "the purposes of creative work - be it mathematics, masonry, painting, writing, sculpture, knitting" who must do the same.

Dewan describes the shed as "fairly humble, with twee Laura Ashley wallpaper on some of the walls" and is fitted with a Crittel factory metal window salvaged from a nearby factory. Measuring 8ft by 12ft it also contains most of the former contents of a vintage optician's office and an antique dentist chair for meditation.

The shed is a finalist in the Workshop and Studio category in this year's Shed of the Year competition, sponsored by Cuprinol.

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