Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Mahler week: Mahler's Toblach composing hut disgrace

For the many people who voiced their objection to the restoration plans for Roald Dahl's writing shed, this video visit by percusionist and composer Nebojsa Zivkovic over the summer indicates what can happen when no action is taken. Zivkovic visited the hut in Toblach where Mahler wrote Das Lied von Der Erde and his 9th and 10th sympbones and as you can see it's in a rotten state of disrepair. For a place of international importance, it's an absolute disgrace that it is not being better cared for - compare it, for example, to Mahler's other two main composing huts which are explored at this site.

You can read an interesting personal account of Mahler's Toblach shed from a member of the family that rented him the hut here and 'explore' the hut in 3D below.

Gustav Mahler composers cottage in South Tyrol (Bolzano-Bozen)
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  1. Nice piece on Mahler - I love the 3d tour, but I think I should point out that no one was upset by the concept of Dahl's shed being preserved per se - the anger was about his (very) rich relatives asking for a large some of public money to do it, especially since it transpired that the Dahl Foundation have several million pounds sitting in their funds already :-)

  2. Well it's complicated. They were looking for funding but the media largely completely misrepresented the project - see http://www.shedworking.co.uk/2011/09/dahls-shed-day-3.html for the truth about this