Friday, October 14, 2011

Lean Agency: shedworkers

Andy White, runs his company Lean Agency, specialists in advertising and creative marketing communications, from his garden office El Shed in Loudwater, Buckinghamshire. "I thought you might like to see the results of the inspiration I gained from your book," he told Shedworking. "Thank you for such a thorough and enlightening book, working from a shed has changed my life. I also wanted to say a special thank you for pages 145/146 which have saved me an arm and a leg in tax!"

Lean is the perfect example of shedworking in the 21st century, operating a virtual network across the country using teams of marketing specialists to provide a local service on a national scale rather than being based in one place. "'El Shed' is much more than just a garden office," he writes on "It's an escape from the hustle and bustle of central London and daily commute. It's an oasis of peace and calm that swaps the blare of traffic horns for the chitter chatter of birds. It's a creative space that relaxes, inspires and invigorates. By day, 'el Shed' is the nerve centre and mission control of my advertising business. Light, airy and welcoming, it's a space that makes working a joy and relaxing easy. By night, it transforms to a luxurious home cinema, chill-out space, bar and entertainment area complete with mood lighting and surround sound hi-fi. At weekends it's a summerhouse and extra living space that works all year round, come rain or shine."

He continues:
"When the lease on my central London office came up for renewal I had the choice of either signing up for a huge increase in rent and overheads, or taking the plunge and moving my business to a different location. After months of searching, I realised the answer was on my doorstep. Or to be more precise, at the bottom of my garden. Running my business from home presented the perfect solution. Not only would it allow us to control costs and offer clients better value for money, but also save me up to 4 hours a day spent commuting."

Impressively, Andy designed and built the garden office himself (with lots of help from friends and family and even clients). You can see his entry on where there are lots of photos of the build and a full description of how he did it.

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