Friday, October 07, 2011

Mahler Week: Mahler's Heavenly Retreats

In this week's final post about Mahler and his garden office experiences, it seems fitting to focus on Mahler's Heavenly Retreats, a fabulous multimedia exploration of the composer's relationship to the komponierhäuschen where he worked on his music. It's the work of architect Keith James Clarke and is made up of a book, a DVD, a web site, and a CD. Together, they evaluate key places in Mahler's life (as well as a new documentary about Mahler's London), describe the reasons for their importance and demonstrate their associations with his music using archive photos and surveys. Here's what he says about it:
"The production of this book lies in my 30 years working as an architect while indulging a passion for the music of Gustav Mahler. As an architect, I'm filled with unease by much modern architecture — particularly monolithic tower blocks — and drawn to buildings of a more modest scale which, with their surroundings, make more allowance for human aspiration and celebration of life, something that Mahler had in a large quantity."
Keith also regularly lectures about the subject so keep an eye on his events page. Below you can see him (and the huts) in action.

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