Monday, February 28, 2011

Garden office music studios

We've covered many examples of garden offices used as music studios over the years here at Shedworking including Midge Ure's and this rather nice one from Roomworks. The Home Office Company is among those who have built music rooms for clients including Mr Turner, a member of a local jazz quartet and music teacher in Bromley who uses it to teach his students. Here's what they say about the build:
"With neighbours to either side and to the rear of his property, Mr Turner was very sensitive to the potential noise issues that teaching the drums or the saxophone might cause; consequently he spent a great deal of time sourcing just the right structure which would offer space, comfort and most importantly sound insulation. On his visit to our Charing Head Office, Mr Turner went inside the newly constructed Show Office and made ‘one heck of a din’ with his tambourine and saxophone whilst Mrs Turner remained outside to gauge the level of noise that the building allowed to escape."
Pictured top is a Garden Studio music room in Edinburgh from Maison d’etre Properties. Their models include vaulted ceilings and come with additional sound insulation in the form of soundblock wall board or Maxiboard™ acoustic wall board.

Finally, below is an example of a piano in a garden office from Garden Spaces
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