Monday, February 14, 2011

Suzanne Husky: Sleeper cell

An intriguing collection of work by artist Suzanne Husky who built what she calls her 'Sleeper Cells' for a recent exhibition at Recology in San Francisco which focused on providing a small but safe home environment. Suzanne is also interested in living off grid which she talks about in an interview with KQED Arts. Here's a snippet:
"In a broader way - those people who decide to live off the grid and sculpt their houses with recycled material - what I want to highlight is the philosophical choice of living with almost nothing, and being happy with almost nothing. It's the aesthetic of simplicity and poverty that I like to highlight as well. So that's probably more the social aspect of globalization, or one of the choices of how to respond to globalization, more generally than just environmental crisis."
You can see more of her shedlike structures here and Sleeper Cell photos at her Flickr page here.
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  1. Social projects like this one helps create environmental awareness.