Monday, February 07, 2011

Rockpanel Chameleon cladding

Garden2office is building a 48sqm garden annex in Port Isaac, Cornwall (home of television's Doc Martin). The modular Swedish building features what Mark Ramuz from Garden2office describes as "near passiv house insulation" with 50mm Isover Duo Slab fixed onto the exterior of the 165mm thick wall panels and a further 50mm insulation layer on the interior. Aluminium clad triple glazed windows (with a respectable .92 u-value) complete the package. The building will feature a traditional slate roof and solar panels.
But the really interesting element is that the exterior will be clad with Rockpanel Chameleon. "This unique cladding brings an extraordinary and surprising perception to the facade of the building for a real ‘wow factor’," says Mark. "The Chameleon range is compressed rockwool finished with a unique crystal layer which, depending on the angle from which its viewed and the effect of light, appears to dramatically change colour." An example above and more pictures once the cladding is installed.
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