Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jenny Lynn: shedworker

Hypnotherapist Jenny Lynn runs her Open Mind Therapist therapy business from her garden office in Essex built by Clear Scape
(pictured top are Paul and Colin from Clear Scape). On her site she explains that she had become fed up of using rented offices and having her work overspilling into the house, or as she puts it "the teleseminars competing with Wii’s Guitar Hero and general teenage angst and frivolity". So she went down the shedworking route as she explains:
"So is my business more efficient now? Well, there’s still a ‘shed-load’ (forgive the pun) of sorting out to do but at last I have a dedicated home for my work that suits my home life, my working life, and isn’t going to keep charging me rent month in month out. And at last, I’ve also dealt with about 30 years of paperwork that has been accumulating in outside storage….the dustmen should be developing muscles in all the right places."
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