Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The man who sailed the Atlantic in a shed

A remarkable obituary in the Washington Post of William Pearlman reveals that he once crossed the Atlantic in a shed. Pearlman, described by the Post's Emma Brown as a "dauntless nomad", led an intriguing life including organising a family band called The Flying Neutrinos which made their homes out of recycled materials wherever they travelled. Here's Brown on the Atlantic shed:
"In 1998, Mr. Neutrino set out to cross the Atlantic in one of these floating creations, 'Son of Town Hall', a 51-foot, 17-ton contraption built out of New York City garbage and once described as a "garden shed on water." Accompanied by three dogs and three crew members - including his fourth wife - he headed east from Newfoundland. Several weeks into the voyage, the raft's three sails filled with the ripping winds of a gale that lasted 15 hours."
The trip also featured tankers, icebergs and a Russian freighter. Read more about him and his trip at the Post's site.
Thanks to Sarah Salway for the alert.
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