Friday, February 11, 2011

The Studio Recycled

Good friend of Shedworking Simon Draper of Habitat for Artists has a marvellous new show with a strong shedworkingesque feel to it in New York. Here's how the New York Times describes it:
IN a small storefront on a commercial street here is a tiny artist’s studio, a plywood shed 6 feet by 6 feet by 9 feet. Its walls are adorned inside and out; some parts are painted with stripes, others paneled with posters and colorful drawings. The studio and the 240-square-foot storefront in which it was constructed have become a temporary project space for nearly 30 artists, a place where they can work independently and collaboratively (though not all at the same time) until the whole setup is disassembled at the end of March.... The shed is constructed from parts of previous Habitat sheds, its sections often layered with artwork, bearing witness to past artists’ projects. All of Habitat’s studios are built from reused and reclaimed materials to minimize the artists’ carbon footprints. Sustainability is often incorporated into the artwork, as well.
The Studio Recycled runs until March 31 in the Temporary Project Space, 1215 Park Street, Peekskill.
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