Monday, August 30, 2010

The danger of fire

A terribly sad story in the Watford Observer by Chris Hewett covers a fire at the garden studio of Bushey artist Heather Highman: a neighbour's bonfire spread to a tree in her garden and then onto her garden office which burnt down, taking with it 40 years of her work. Heather says she need professional help to deal with the loss. Here's a snippet:
“I could see the flames from the fire next door and the next thing I knew the whole of my back garden was ablaze," she said. "I had a mature garden and it caught very quickly. It was actually terrifying – I thought it might come towards the house.”
What kind of fire precautions do you take in your garden office? Please leave details in the comments section below.

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  1. irishwoodstyle5:58 PM

    using fibre cement roof slates or metal tile effect roof sheeting instead of felt shingles in confined back garden spaces will help if a bonfire is near your structure, a cement block wall up to roof level for perimeter at risk area and cut back any overhanging shrubery or trees to to form a difinitive gap between you and your neighbour.

  2. I have a smoke alarm and a small fire extinguisher in my workshop.